Ice Cube vs Cypress Hill, What Was That About?

Above: Ice Cube and B-Real chillin with an AK, it must not of been a good day.



If you’re a fan of gangsta rap, you could probably already reel off what this was about. But for all those who don’t know prepare to be told a tale of betrayal and treachery…just kidding. Ice Cube literally just stole a chorus concept. That’s it you don’t even have to read on now, finito, fin, finished!

In all seriousness though, lets get into this shit.

The first question we ask when faced with the horrifying truth that Ice Cube could ever do such a thing, is did he really though? Is B-Real just being a little bitch? Is he lying? Did he make it up? Well that was more than one question, but there are so many questions!!?? There probably isn’t that many and you’re just probably sat there like c’mon man you said you was going to be serious now, quit it with your jokes. So now I shall.

So this is how it all started (what follows is from the point of view of B-Real), Ice Cube was making the film ‘Friday’, which B-Real was originally going to star in but he couldn’t due to Cypress Hill touring and preparing for their next album release. So instead he asked Cube if it would be cool if they made a song for the movie and naturally Cube agreed. Wait, let’s take a step back a second. I feel like you should know that Ice Cube and B-Real were good friends at this point and B-Real was even at Cube’s wedding etc, they were tight, so to speak. So anyway, Cypress Hill made the song ‘Roll it Up, Light it Up, Smoke it Up’ and invited Cube down to the studio to listen to it to see if he liked it, whilst Cube was at the studio B-Real asked if he wanted to hear a couple of tunes off their new album. So they played him 3 or 4 songs with the last one being ‘Throw Your Set In The Air’, apparently Cube really liked the song and asked if he could use that song in the movie, they told him that they really wanted to but they couldn’t due to Sony marking it as their lead single.

Not long after, Cypress Hill were on tour when B-Real got a phone call asking if they had given the ‘Throw Your Set In The Air’ song to Ice Cube, which they responded to confused as they hadn’t even released the song yet. Apparently it wasn’t the exact same song it was just the chorus concept that was exactly the same as theirs, but naturally it would appear that he stole it. Sen Dog and DJ Muggs were instantly on the radio throwing hate at Ice Cube, whereas B-Real being such a close friend to Ice Cube took a more neutral approach, assuming that Cube would of had a good explanation.

Not long after Ice Cube got wind of what Sen Dog and DJ Muggs had said about him he called up B-Real, to which B-Real explained that the guys think he stole their song, Cube denied stealing their song and said he would never do that and said that sometimes rappers just come up with similar hooks that’s all. B-Real wanted to believe him so took his word for it and that was that.

Then a few months later B-Real received another call from Cube, asking if he wanted to come and lay down some vocals on one of his tracks, which he agreed. Real got to the studio and realised some of the lyrics were the same as the ones from the song Cube had previously been accused of stealing . So he went outside to make a phone call to his manager and then came back in and asked if he could lay down the vocals again, telling them he thought he could do it better, but this time the lyrics were gone. Real has said that there must of been some sort of expression on his face when he realised that those were his lyrics, that Cube picked up on, so when he left to make the phone call Cube took them out. Real didn’t confront Cube in the studio, but instead decided that Cypress Hill would have to call Ice Cube out. So they layed down the dis track ‘No Rest For The Wicked’.

This then started a chain of dis tracks, with Ice Cube releasing a track with his group Westside Connection named ‘King Of The Hill’.

Next Cypress Hill hit back with a song named ‘Ice Cube Killa’, taking the beat straight from ‘King Of The Hill’.

Ice Cube’s input on the beef has just been that ‘Cypress Hill think I stole one of their hooks’. He hasn’t really elaborated too much, but to be fair B-Real and Ice Cube have since squashed their beef and are friends again.

Who won?

I’d like to say it was a Tie.

New Blood 2017

So concludes the end of another glorious year for music which has played host to exceptional records from the likes of Radiohead, Kanye West and a bitter-sweet departure from the one and only David Bowie. In the current climate of the music scene, artists are mauling over each other to dominate popularity with cutting edge precision, side projects and surprise albums galore. Therefore, it remains as important as ever to shine a light on the future fruit of intervention. Interested? Good. Here are 12 artists to hyperventilate over for the forthcoming year…


SoundcheckImage Credit / Sara Amroussi Gilissen

First up is the man on everyone’s lips right now if you have your musical antenna directed in the right direction. Loyle Carner is the microphone wielding alias of South London born ‘Benjamin Coyle-Larner’ and when better to become a fan than the release week of his highly anticipated debut LP? Combining his fluidity as a rapper with the sensitivity of his personal life trauma’s, Carner lulls the listener into his story over Jazz infused instrumentals. He does this with absolute ease and a rawness that doesn’t surface very often within the literature of Hip Hop. At just 20 years of age, he’s been writing, rapping and freestyling since he was just 10 and has since propelled himself into finding a signature sound. His debut album ‘Yesterday’s Gone’ is released on the 20th of January. Until then, his releases so far deserve some serious attention. 


nilufer-image-2Image Credit / Hollie Fernando

With a name reminiscent of an exotic bird from Morocco and accompanying slicked back guitar licks, Meet Nilufer Yanya, the new darling of the indie world. Although actually from London, there is something very Shakira about the whole image that’s proving to be cool as fuck. The sound she captures within her music is a melancholic female interpretation of blues-y King Krule soundscapes with more sass than an episode of RuPaul’s drag race. With only 2 tracks released to date in the form of the anthemic ‘Keep On Calling’ and the delicate intrication’s of ‘Small Crimes’, Yanya is becoming a pretty exciting youngster to keep your eye’s on. Oh, and she’s also done an exceptional cover of ‘Hey’ by Pixies which you should definitely be checking out also. 


1476274654496jbffriay7pcorq3cn-largeImage Credit / NME

Fan of David Bowie? After 2016, of course you are. Well prick your ears Bowie fans, for this next band are doing something quite special, glitter in tow. Beginning life as ‘Happy Meal LTD’, this now abbreviated London outfit of kooky delinquents are stepping fresh out of a children’s dressing up box and straight into the UK’s list of most exciting new bands. Already renowned for their chaotic live shows and refusal to comply to any specific genre, HMLTD genuinely seem like a band that aren’t here to fuck around and that stand for something intriguing. Even if nobody is quite sure what that thing is yet, due to the elusive nature of the project. Boldly stating that “So far you have only seen our Shadow”, this could be the band the UK has been waiting for. Already earning comparisons to the likes of Fat White Family, it’s only guess work at this point that can define their sound. All we know at this point is that the debut single is an essential listen. 


jorjaImage Credit / Francesca Allen

Hailing from a suburb of Birmingham, Jorja Smith is living proof that you can find remarkable talent in the most unlikely of places. Walsall, to be specific. At just 19 years of age and already having released the masterpiece that is ‘Blue Lights’ when she was just 18, believe me, this is a girl set to to make a big impact over 2017. As a classically trained singer that has a miraculously soulful voice defying her years, Smith is a young Lauryn Hill in waiting. She has already managed to attract the attention of Drake and is currently working on the follow up to her ‘Project 11’ EP with Mark Ronson. To add to her accolades further, The BBC also acknowledged the incredible versatility of her voice by adding her to their ‘Sound of 2017’ list. She’s already the princess of UK Hip Hop, but it seems she has her heart set on becoming the Queen. 


img_0506-2Image Credit / Ray Fiasco

Potentially naming himself after his favourite size of paper, A2 is one of the many new faces contributing to the UK grime scene. Although little is known about the man behind the music, he is an artist with a whole back catalogue of tracks to his name that works as his own producer. The beauty of his work mostly consists of how sensational he is as a producer, crafting atmospheric textural beats with a lethargic hard hitting core. Despite that, he has a lyrical fluidity that is not to be shunned just because there’s better around. Although his instrumentals have a tendency to be bare boned and sparse, they are luxurious in quality and incorporate elements of trap music in all the right places. You can download his debut EP for free over at A2. Thank me later. 


jaduheartImage Credit / Jadu Heart

“Jadu? What the hell does that mean!?” I hear you cry with confusion. Well, i’m just as confused as you are . What I do know however is that this young duo consisting of synth wizard’s Dina & Faro are turning heads for a lot of justified reasons. Signed to Mura Masa’s label and being introduced to the world by him as “the most exciting musical thing I’ve ever heard” this is a project to get your heart racing over. They wear masks but strive for a polar opposite sound to anything Slipknot or Daft Punk may stand for. Blending moonlit ominous tones with sun kissed flurries of absolute bliss. Inspired by J Dilla but sounding more like Jai Paul, the ethereal experience the two-some are bringing to the masses is something quite spectacular. It’s sensual and has an organic earth quaking backbone despite it remaining as tranquil as it is monumental. There’s flourishes of R&B, soul, funk, hip hop and they conjured elements from all this and more to produce the 2 EP’s they treated us to last year. I urge you to check them out and visit their website


jesseImage Credit / Jordan Curtis Hughes

Next up is boy wonder and underground spitter more commonly known as ‘Jesse From SE’, another Londoner hoping to kick some air waves this year. Frequent collaborator with other rising talent Rejjie Snow and a core member of King Krule’s collective of miscreants, Jesse is an intelligent wordsmith that speaks with insightful wisdom. Typically reciting lyrics with impressive intellect over spacious sporadic beats, he is crafting a real name for himself amongst those in the know. The way he spills out such intimacy within his writing and the way in which it is delivered, tells the tale of his woe in a cool, calm and collected manner. There’s a balance of maturity and recklessness within the way he narrates situations he finds himself in, that paint him to be a sinister character with a story to tell. Something you always lust to find in a rap artist. Sharing his name with a famous American outlaw and similarly showing no sign of lowering his weaponry, this could be a deadly year for anyone in his path. 


Laurel by Pip for TurnfirstImage Credit / Pip

As stunning as she is in appearance, 22 year old Laurel Arnell-Cullen has a voice that stuns beyond words. However, for the sake of the article, I will try to translate just how good she is. Welsh roots, Southampton born and now based in London. This travelled song bird has been enormously fortunate in finding a voice as unique as she has. There’s a power to her song writing that is met with the fragility of her wavering vocals that blend to form a beautifully composed combination. She certainly isn’t shy of penning a ballad with roof raising orchestration allowing her to show of her vocal range. Tracks such as ‘Life Worth Living’ and ‘Memorials’ serve as infectious insights into her ear for melodic royalty and impressive vocal range. It’s in the delicacy of her writing that she also finds great comfort however, and songs such as ‘Goodbye’ from her recent ‘Park’ EP are an absolute delight to behold. 


puppyImage Credit / Upset Magazine

Being the only typical band setup of the 12, Puppy’s music doesn’t leave much to the imagination and instead opts for a straight up no bullshit approach. Does this make them any less intriguing? absolutely not. In a generation with a shortage of new guitar driven music, This trio could be the solution to get us back to good old fashioned sloppy rock n’ roll. Hailing from London, this is a band with nostalgia at the core of their sound. They are riding on the high of previous bands that have come before, and are merely crafting their own material from the fabric of their influence. What they have that makes them special however, is the ability to write songs that feel like timeless classics in the current era. ‘The Great Beyond’ and ‘Warm’ are 2 prime examples of this. They sound like Nirvana thrown in a blender with Tom Delonge and an added pinch of ‘Teenage Dirtbag’. Who Knows? They may just have a Smash Mouth sized hit in them yet. How could you possibly seek anything more for a mid-90’s high school disco revival? 


s4uImage Credit / Lily Ann Galt McLoughin 

S4U (Something For You) are another London based outfit looking to cause some serious heat this year. A 90’s influenced female wolf pack led by the exceptionally named characters of Rosita Bonita and Prinz George. They produce all their own instrumentals as a collective and are exploring lo-fi territory with mesmerizing hooks that are nothing short of addictive. Although their paths strayed for a while, the duo fronting the pack are now cemented back together to form the S4U project which they put down to ‘Fate’ and ‘Cosmic Alignment’. Solely deriving their inspiration from the 90’s era and appearing as a female take on blazing squad, they act as a family and suit uniform’s even Flavor Flav would be proud of. Last year’s debut ‘Brazil’ hinted at the palette of sounds in S4U’s repertoire with a 4 track EP, although it didn’t reveal too much about what they are capable of just yet. They have stated they are set to explore new grounds with their music throughout future releases but so far that’s all they are giving away. Hang tight for info. 


courage-3Image Credit / Courage 

Courageous he may be, yet famous he is not. Courage is exciting young talent in the form of Lincoln born producer Joe Carson who is now based in, yep, you guessed it, London. He’s been stirring up quite the attention storm over the past year and has a lot of potential riding on his shoulders. Expressing his diversity in genre, Carson has showcased a lust for expanding his sound from abrasive bass heavy floor fillers to blissful Jamie XX like soothers. On the back of producing ‘My Hood’ for BBC sound of 2017 winner RAY BLK, it’s looking likely he’ll be hot property behind the mixing desk going in to the new year. It’s not often a producer comes a long that can provide the soundtrack to your weekend as well as a relaxed night in with such ease so early on in their career. I’d arguably state he’s the most talented new UK producer of the moment. 2016’s Debut EP ‘Get Some Courage Vol.1’ implies he has a few more volumes in his arsenal. Keep your ears pressed to this one.  


babeheaven_3_copyImage Credit / Momentum

And last but not least, it’s another band from London, There must be something in the water right?… Being described as ‘The Durutti Column of the 21st Century’ and already earning compliments that have likened them to Portishead, the gorgeously named Babeheaven are a Jazz Quintet receiving a fuck load of buzz already. Developing from a durational friendship between vocalist Nancy and guitarist Jamie, the band formed around the duo and their mutual love for trip-hop, soul and ethereal electronics. The rest of the band were scouted out and the initial ideas conceived between the two were fleshed out to form the band before you now. Babeheaven have crafted an awe inducing sound that is ambitious in it’s aims and sonically vivid in it’s technicalities. There’s a real passion at the heart of the band that is married with rich all encompassing instrumentation. There’s an honesty and rawness that has the charm of Adele’s earlier work, but it’s met with such emotionally heavy soundscapes that the band could really be on to something unique here. 

The Black Wax – My Top 5 Albums of 2016 – VOL.1

As it’s a given now to do so, with the coming of the New Year and all, we’ll be looking at what our favourite albums of 2016 were, and we’ll also be attempting to wittle them down to just five. Let’s hope 2016 doesn’t smite us down for missing anyone off. The first volume of The Black Wax’s series “My Top 5 Albums of 2016”, curated by Sam Rye.


5. David Bowie – Blackstar


It’s widely known to all of us now that “2016” has become synonymous with words such as: “terrible”, “awful”, “evil”, “joke”, and what better place to start than the first – and one of the worst – cruel jokes 2016 had to offer us: the passing of David Bowie himself.

The album offers as his last gift to the world: Lynchian jazz to lull you into wondrous stupor, tension-filled guitars that could cut to the core of planets, vocals all-knowing in their phrasing, other-worldy in their delivery, all wrapped in a little bow by the dying hands of the spaceman himself, as time took another cigarette…

At the time of recording, Bowie knew he was going to pass away at some point in the near future, and this seems to give the album it’s selfless, graceful complexion. David Bowie was a man completely dedicated to his art and his image, and it seems with “Blackstar”, even in death, Bowie wanted to take us on one last voyage into the stars.


4. Thomas Cohen – Bloom Forever


Thomas Cohen’s debut album, “Bloom Forever”, creates a conflicting array of emotions upon first listen. Another album birthed from tragic circumstances, the album stems up and around the prospect of life without a loved one; in Cohen’s case, “Bloom Forever” deals in most parts, directly with the devestating death of his wife, Peaches Geldof.

For this reason alone, you can’t help but feel the album shouldn’t have existed to begin with. The album, as you may expect it to, doesn’t dwell in sorrow, however. “Bloom Forever” is actually, suprisingly, a joyous, almost jubilant album. Songs such as “Hazy Shades” and “New Morning Comes” are full of optimism, hope; teeming with the dim light that seeps through the cracks.

It’s for this reason, and the brilliant songcrafting from the young, promising Cohen, that the album blossoms and stands proudly on it’s own, amongst the rubble and debris of such a tragedy.


3. Hannah Peel – Awake But Always Dreaming


Inpsired by her Grandmother’s battle with Dementia,  Hannah Peel’s “Awake But Always Dreaming” is like taking fragments of Sylvia Plath’s “The Bell Jar”, and splicing it with 21st century electronica.

There’s songs that dwell within heartbreak and failed romances, such as on “Don’t Take It Out On Me”, or moments of clarity on the exuberant “All That Matters”, to moments of claustrophobia. This constant dynamic shift in mood and feeling, through hook-filled reveries, creates a sense of wonder, and charming unease in other places.

Hannah Peel’s Elysian vocals, and her ability to compose electronic pop on the same level as the likes of Grimes, make her one to keep an eye on in the future. “Awake But Always Dreaming” is as bold a statement as any, and it would also seem a state of mind for the zealous Hannah Peel.


2. Exploded View – Exploded View


Sharing the same label as the likes of Iceage and Marching Church, Exploded View’s self-titled album also possesses that similar, organic band sound that’s also found on their label-siblings’ albums; where technical prowess teeters constantly, and oh so effectively, on the edge of complete cacophony and disorder.

Lead single “Orlando”, with it’s dream-like disco beat, is the heart of the album, and sits nice and neatly within it’s own groove, as the rest of the albums veers and offshoots into other experimental and daring territories.

Exploded View’s debut album has a real modern beauty, a sheen to it on the surface; however, a peculiar kind of tension lives underneath, like a worm eating away within the core of an apple. A cause of wonderful nonplus, Exploded View is as weirdly disconcerting as it is absolutely fascinating.


1. Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds – Skeleton Tree


An album with it’s own orbital gravity, “Skeleton Tree” is perhaps the heaviest of records in a year full of heart-rending au revoir’s. Whereas “Blackstar” and “You Want It Darker” deal with the acceptance of death for the artist themselves, Skeleton Tree sprouts up within the dense fog of emotional grief and trauma for the artist in relation to losing someone else; the coming to terms with the loss of a family member, in this case Nick Cave’s 15-year old son, Arthur Cave.

Supposedly 6 of the 8 songs on Skeleton Tree were completed before the tragic death of Arthur Cave, but still the cataclysmic events can be felt reverberating throughout the whole of the album. Although Nick directly adresses that he hates the almost “prophetic” fortelling life of it’s own the album took on, there’s no denying the chill one gets when hearing the opening lines of album opener “Jesus Alone”: ‘You fell from the sky/Crash landed in a field near the River Adur’. Lyrics written before the incident, Arthur fell to his death from a cliff in Brighton, with the River Adur being only miles away from the scene. The album, whether it wants to or not, becomes a time capsule for the pain and grief.

The songwriting itself is second to none, from the poerty-in-motion of “Rings of Saturn”, to the Korg-swept soundscapes of “I Need You”, the band don’t waste a single, devastating note. The skeletal frame of the album, built by Warren Ellis and the rest of the Bad Seeds, supports and upholds the fragility of Nick’s voice in a heart-wrenching, almost dutiful way. The frailing, ageing timbre of Nick Cave’s voice becomes an instrument in itself; a fine quality, rather than a hinderance. With Skeleton Tree, Nick Cave lays almost everything on the table, and the Bad Seeds ensure you’re all seated.

Stream new EP from DeLorean is Not Okay

The second release from Darlington-based DeLorean is Not Okay (Richy Huck) – an ‘experimental, progressive electronic’ act – is an ambitious homegrown attempt at electronic music that dances just as much with melancholy as it does with euphoria.

Full of intricately placed synth parts and vibrant, flourishing soundscapes, the EP’s instrumentals are laden with hope and and a youthfulness that look towards something more, even amidst the unsurity of adolescence. From the quick synth stabs and wailing sirens of “Monorail”, to the moving, elongated chords of closer “I Guess There Is Hope”, “DeLorean II” is a collection of songs that clearly wants to trace the trajectory of life, with all it’s ups and downs.

The EP is also an endearing homage in parts to his idols. A sample of Kanye West, speaking with his singular mindest on intro “II Noitcudortni”, is a little love letter to a creative source of inspiration for Delorean is Not Okay. Their’s also a heartfelt tribute to the enchantment and innovation of Walt Disney on “Liquid Screen 1955”.

Stream EP “DeLorean II” on DeLorean is Not Okay’s bandcamp below:

Also look out for the EP arriving on Spotify within the coming week.

Stream A Tribe Called Quest’s new and final album We got it from Here… Thank You 4 Your service

18 years later, we have a new A Tribe Called Quest album, the hip-hop pioneers released their final studio album today and it was oozing at the seems with special guests: Kanye West, Kendrick Lamar, Jack White, André 3000, Elton John, Busta Rhymes and more. The album features all of the original members, even the late Phife Dawg, making it a most spectacular send off for the hip-hop group.

The album stands at 16 tracks long, meaning there’s plenty to pick at – through first listen to second listen and beyond, the tribe have definitely saved the best til’ last, can they kick it? They definitely can.

I’d personally like the thank them 4 their service and you can stream the album below.

Listen: Childish Gambino releases new song ‘Me and Your Mama’

Donald Glover has announced upcoming Childish Gambino Album Awaken, My Love!, premiering the first single ‘Me and Your Mama’ yesterday. The album artwork for Awaken, My Love! was also tucked away as a little easter egg, in his critically acclaimed tv show Atlanta, which has just finished it’s first season.

Awaken, My Love! will release on the 2nd of December, listen to ‘Me and Your Mama’ and view the tracklist for the album below.

Childish Gambino Awaken, My Love! tracklist:

1. Me and Your Mama

2. Have Some Love

3. Boogieman

4. Zombies

5. Riot

6. Redbone

7. California

8. Terrified

9. Baby Boy

10. The Night Me and Your Mama Met

11. Stand Tall

Llovers share their debut single “Borderlands”

“Borderlands” is the debut single from North-East based band Llovers. Awash with permeating, hook-filled guitars and impassioned vocals, Borderlands is a heartfelt reverie and a rousing start for Llovers. It’ll nest itself as all great earworms do, in the borderlands of the mind, and will remain there like sunken treausre in the sand.

5 Artists to Dig Your Teeth Into This Halloween

With Halloween upon us, we give you five artists to sink those fake teeth into (along with all those leftover haribos) on this frightful October night. No tricks here, only treats.


An eclectic, sexual pop-provocateur, Scottish-born Momus is a musical force to behold, and one of the first true post-modern rock stars. His back-catlogue is almost as hard to pin down as the man himself, ranging from the biblical acoustic re-telling of sorts on “Circus Maximus”, to the synth-infused dramatism of “Tender Pervert”. He may have lost sight in one eye (resulting in his now iconic eyepatch), but the man’s never taken his sight off becoming the ultimate musical enigma.

The Brian Jonestown Massacre

You may have first heard of The Brian Jonestown Massacre through their infamous (albeit unfairly edited) potrayal in 2004 music documentary “Dig!”, alongside The Dandy Warhols. The Brian Jonestown Massacre, regardless of their often rocky past, are now reknowned as psych-rock behemoths, their 26 year-long career traversing the underground depths and substance-induced heights of psych. Anton Newcombe, frontman of this now cult band, may have had an eye for danger and recklessness in the past, but he’s always had an ear for writing some of the best melodies in the world of music.

Fad Gadget

It’s a real mystery as to why Fad Gadget, aka Frank Tovey, has been so unjustly overlooked when it comes to his contribution to electronic music. First bursting onto the scene with the idiosyncratic single “Back To Nature” in 1979, he became a major influence for the likes of Depeche Mode, Pet Shop Boys, Trent Reznor and Boy George. Fad Gadget’s harsh electronic pop, fused with his biting social commentary, made many realise that you don’t need to dress up the truth behind a well-tuned six-string, when the truth sounded just as good bouncing between coarse synths and club-cut basslines. A fad gadget among tedious toys.

Warren Zevon

When Warren Zevon was diagnosed with a form of cancer in 2002, instead of undergoing treatments he believed may incapacitate him, Zevon instead went into the studio to record his final album, The Wind. Only two years earlier had Warren Zevon performed his song, “My Shit’s Fucked Up”, live on Jools Holland, unbeknown of the significance and irony of such a performance, and how his strong sense of self and his humour, in the end, became his legacy. This kind of bleak humour and self-awareness are threadlines that can be traced back all through his career and his songs, with Warren often found ruminating over his tumultuous life, or using his songs as vehicles to tell mini-stories, his tongue-in-cheek lyrical flamboyance his best weapon.


The story of Sixto Rodriguez is as humbling a tale as ever. The focus of 2012 documentary “Searching For Sugar Man”, the film follows two South African fans search for the musician, who had disappeared off the face of the Earth after two albums, released in 1970 and 1971. It’s a heart warming story, as Rodriguez’s albums became more popular in South Africa than albums by the likes of Bob Dylan and The Rolling Stones. Rodriguez, hailing from America, was himself completely unaware of what was happening in South Africa. He became a cult figure to those people, and there were legends created about his apparent disappearance into oblivion; how he set himself on fire on stage and had died as a result. The conclusion of the documentary has a much happier (and a less mythical) outcome than the legends that had surmounted overtime, but his music itself will always remain a treasure for the people of South Africa, as it was once their own fabled lore, obscured from the rest of the world.

THE BLACK WAX : VOL. 1 (Curated by. Chris Herbert)

After taking a leisurely yet well deserved vacation from my services for The Black Wax, I felt compelled to mark my return with a few tracks I have been digging over the past few months. There are a variety of rumours surfacing online that I was fired by the boss of the company for my non- compliment attitude and overly expanse music knowledge however this simply remains a myth. I felt that I had to step back and do some soul searching before I could give any kind of worthwhile opinion on the current state of music, so here I am.

This 40 track genre spanning playlist plays host to some of my current favourite gem’s from up and coming artists such as Jorja Smith,  LA Priest, Tirzah, Jadu Heart, Tuff Love and Kagoule. It also features a collection of floor fillers from the likes of Zak Abel, Lil Uzi Vert and Kaytranda that are mandatory in reinstating my street rep and will have you dabbing til the AM. You will also be lending your ears to an array of stone cold classics that I feel deserve to remain dustless. I thoroughly hope you enjoy the songs I have selected. Live Fast, Die Whenever.
Image Credit: Meshes Of The Afternoon / Maya Deren (1943)

Album Review – The Lemon Twigs – Do Hollywood


Rating: 7.5/10

Considering they were former child actors, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Long Island brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario know a thing or two about taking inspiration from others and elsewhere in order to help establish themselves. “Do Hollywood”, the debut album from The Lemon Twigs, is a tour-de-force of influences, and pays homage to rock musicians of the ages. The D’Addario brothers seem to know how the recipe works though, and leave enough room in the mixing pot to add their own ingredients into the concoction.

The album’s opener, “I Wanna Prove To You”, with it’s 50’s American diner doo-wop bop and it’s Alex Chitlon, heart-on-the-sleeves style vocal delivery, is sure to have you donning the imaginary microphone and slicking back the hair. “These Words”, with its Elton John-esque carbaret piano interludes and its soaring chorus that would fit nice and comfortably onto an early 70’s Todd Rundgren record, or “As Long As We’re Together”, with it’s traces of MGMT, affirm that The Lemon Twigs are more than happy to wear their influences in plain sight, if it means they end up sounding just as good at times. The Lemon Twigs add just enough of their own individuality and style to make things exciting though, ensuring this isn’t just another horrible mish-mash of conflicting and confusing styles, a musical jerk-off, thrown together distastefully.

Jagged guitars and cyber synth leads inhabit “A Great Snake”; the last song on the album, and perhaps the most techinally impressive of the arrangements on the record, it leaves a far greater lasting impression than any of the previous songs, probably because it becomes the greatest insight into where the band could head next musically. With “Do Hollywood”, The Lemon Twigs have succesfully laid their cards out on the table, new and old. Just like a great snake, maybe one day we’ll see The Lemon Twigs fully shed their influences, and show us just what lies beneath the skin.