The Wytches – Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve Review


The opener ‘Wasteybois’, a track that was released earlier on this year as part of record store day has had a slight change, with a reworked intro and a better quality recording. The song itself as an opener is a pretty heavy hitter, with lots fuzz and distorted screams during the verses and huge evil riffs separating them. We then get an array of feedback which explodes into a 3 chord bombardment of noise, before we are led out by a bass riff and eerie vocals.

‘Gettin’ Lucky’ on the other hand, delivers a very well executed blend between the softer side of The Wytches and the huge brutal riffs we know. The song starts slow until we are greeted with an elongated vocal, the vocals are eerie and sometimes indecipherable. Then there is one more long groan and distortion rips in and we get a good minute of hellish riffs, Kristian’s voice then kicks back in and we are taken out of the song with more slow vocals until it comes to a halt.

‘DADFAC#’ is the instrumental of the EP, with the song also being named after the tuning of Kristian’s guitar. The song enters with slow dark riffs, which sound like they were written for a horror film until they erupt into a screaming beatdown. We get this twice until a brutal fast paced explosion of sound hits us and the song slowly comes to a halt afterwards. The song definitely brings a vibe of ‘Thunder Lizard Revisited (2013)’ one of The Wytches earlier EP’s, just through its ferocity and it is my favourite song of the four.

‘If Not For Money’ leads us out of the EP slowly with some cool synth incorporated as well. This is my least favourite of the four tracks as i just don’t think it has much about it, I found it quite nice to listen to the first few times I heard it, but I usually just skip it now if I’m listening to the EP through.

Overall, I think it was a pretty solid EP and i’m glad we have some new Wytches content to listen to after their album came out over a year ago now. Looking forward to what’s next and I hope that I will get to catch some new content when I see them in November. You can listen to Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve below!

Thunder Lizard’s Reprieve EP Tracklist:
01. Wasteybois
02. Gettin’ Lucky
04. If Not For Money


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