Fat White Family Album Announcement – Songs For Our Mothers


“Hallelujah! Allah be praised! It’s finally fucking happening! And no ones died yet(touch wood)!” is how Fat White Family announced their new album on Facebook, which is rather fitting actually as after seeing them four times, I was beginning to worry that I may not get to hear their next album or see them again due to one of them overdosing on heroin. They are one of the best live bands I have ever seen and now that they’ve announced a new album I literally couldn’t be more excited.

New album means new tour and means me getting to bump up my Fat Whites view counter. I saw them twice in one day earlier on this year by sneaking into their show at the BBC Radio 6 music festival and then seeing them again in the evening at the NME Awards Tour, needless to say it was a good day. I then saw them twice at Glastonbury, with one of their sets being at 4am and whether or not Lias is too fucked up to sing or is being sick on stage just all adds to the Fat Whites experience for me to be honest.

They are doing some gigs running up the end of this year and I might try and catch one, but if not their new album is dropping in January which I’m sure they will follow swiftly with a tour. You can read the article Fat White Family posted on their Facebook here:


Songs For Our Mothers tracklisting:

‘Whitest Boy On The Beach’
‘Love Is The Crack’
‘Hits Hits Hits’
‘Tinfoil Deathstar’
‘When Shipman Decides’
‘We Must Learn To Rise’
‘Goodbye Goebbels’

Here’s some of their previous material (may contain bumholes):


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