Wild Nothing – A Woman’s Wisdom Track Review

Over the past few months Wild Nothing (Jack Tatum) have slowly been releasing singles from their upcoming album, Life of Pause. Taking inspiration from the likes of Todd Rundgren and Brian Eno for the upcoming LP, synths and keyboards dominate proceedings here on their latest single, A Woman’s Wisdom.

Taking the same approach as Kevin Parker does in the studio, writing and composing all the songs, as well as playing the majority of (if not all) the instruments, it’s clear from the get-go that Jack Tatum knows what he wants when he enters the studio, and this time around what he wants is very different from Wild Nothing’s previous outputs. A lazy guitar riff starts things off, entwining with warm synths until the drums, bassline and alternating piano chords kick in, which carry along the verses efficiently and smoothly, all thanks to the enticingly great production. Jack Tatum’s vocals sit nicely in the soundscape he’s conjured up, almost as if the instrumentation is the stream upon which the vocals are slowly drifting down. In  the chorus the guitars wake from their slumber and follow the vocal melody beautifully, creating the sleekly simple but effective melody that i guarantee will be stuck in your head after listening.

A Woman’s Wisdom is a gorgeously crafted pop song that shows off just what Jack Tatum is capable of in the studio (also check out previous singles To Know You and TV Queen) and is a very exciting new direction when it comes to his songwriting. It’s fair to say that this single, and their last before the album is released on February 19th, has only further peaked my already heightened interest in the album. Here’s to hoping that the rest of the album follows the bar set by this and the other singles then.

Listen to ‘A Woman’s Wisdom’ below:



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