Lets Talk About Sunflower Bean

Erupting from the depths of Brooklyn, New York, Sunflower Bean have been throwing their signature lo-fi psychedelic sound at the people of England this past week on their UK tour, and I can say with all honesty it was a treat. I had the pleasure of seeing them in Manchester at the Soup Kitchen Sold Out show on the 16th  and I was pleasantly surprised with their performance, I was also stood right where Julia came into the crowd at one point, which is always an added bonus.


Jacob Faber (Left), Nick Kivlen (Middle), Julia Cumming (Right)

Their debut album Human Ceremony was released earlier this month on Fat Possum and the initial reception was great from what I can tell, I saw Rolling Stone and many other magazines post about them, and they were all over my social media feeds during the run up to when I attended the gig. Personally I think the album was great as a debut and I really enjoyed the contrast between how much louder and heavier the songs were live than on the album (you will understand if you see them live). While on the topic of the gig the amount of songs that turned into elongated instrumentals is something I really liked, we’d be bombarded with sound, feedback and guitar solos and it generally just sounded like the band were having fun and jamming out, it was also during one of these that Julia came into the crowd. I wasn’t a huge fan of their support acts, but I paid to see Sunflower Bean and they didn’t disappoint so who cares, overall they put on a great performance and seemed really grateful to be in England and of the reception they received.

Back to the album though, songs like Easier Said and Wall Watcher are most definitely worth a listen if you haven’t heard them already, you know what scrap that and just go ahead and listen to the whole album, you won’t regret it. I think we’re going to be seeing a lot more of Sunflower Bean and rightly so, their UK tour is over now but hopefully they’ll be back in the near future, so I and everyone else can have the pleasure of seeing them for the first time or again.



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