Tyler, The Creator – WHAT THE FUCK RIGHT NOW / Review

Well this happened. But to be honest after seeing two videos of Tyler declaring his love for the track ‘Freestyle 4’ (Featured on Kanye West’s The Life of Pablo) and the video snippet of him rapping over it in the studio, it comes as no surprise really. That’s right, the whole beat to this track is taken straight from Kanye’s belter that is Freestyle 4, with a few minor adjustments and a whole little section where we still get to hear Yeezus himself (unless they’ve made Rocky sound like him I can’t tell). I can’t help but wonder how Tyler managed to get rights to this though, you know with Kanye being well, Kanye, and the STRICT exclusivity to Tidal, but maybe they’re just tight since SMUCKERS, who knows.

In honesty, I prefer Tyler’s version, the Kanye version is good but it reaches it’s climax and then ends, whereas we get a fuller track from the Odd Future ring leader. A section of Tyler’s lyrics also have relation to the GOLF RADIO interview with A$AP Rocky, for example he raps about go karting and buying the new Ferrari etc, and in the interview they joked about challenging each other to a go kart race and Rocky kept mentioning how many exotic cars Tyler has, whilst also doing a pretty mean impression of him “Do you drive?” (Link Below). It seems like these two are attached at the hip recently, maybe this is a sign of good things to come, A$AP Mob x OFWGKTA maybe? Well we wont hold our breath on that, but just a thought. I’m absolutely certain we can expect a full blown Rocky and Tyler track though, especially after their tour together the back end of last year and their very apparent bromance.

The track itself is surprisingly really good, considering the short time it was most likely made in, the lyrics are pretty creative as well, but we wouldn’t really expect anything less from Tyler. His flow is pretty sick over the beat, I feel he’s definitely made the most of the Freestyle 4 instrumentals, it would of been nice to hear Rocky do a verse as well, but can’t have everything can we, we’ll just have to settle for his shouty talky hype man input instead.

I literally just believe this track was the creation of boredom and from the video they clearly had a great time in the process, so who can knock them ey? I know I haven’t really reviewed this track in depth per se, but you get the jist, maybe I should change the title, but fuck it right?

Golf Wang.


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