Song Of The Week – James Blake – Timeless

Brand new from the mercury prize winning post-dubstep  poster boy in the build up to his highly anticipated third record. ‘Timeless’ is a slow moving soulful creature that seduces the listener with its blissful chord progressions and gorgeously subtle reverberated chopped vocals. In comparison to ‘Modern Soul’ the first track to be lifted from new LP ‘Radio Silence’ this track has much more of a swagger. The hard hitting percussion gives more of a trap feel to the aesthetic and it almost feels like a song that’s already been remixed. This is simply James anticipating what would eventually become of the track once out in the real world, so instead he has developed it into this as original material. This certainly isn’t the first time he’s dwelled in these areas sonically as the immensely talented producer he is. He specialise’s in creating uniquely atmospheric instrumentals and uses his beautiful voice as the icing on the cake. Rumours have surfaced that the new album will feature a 20 minute track as well as features from both Kanye West and Bon Iver to name a few. ‘Radio Silence’ is still without a release date but is surely just an announcement away at this stage. Get excited for this one.


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