An Interview With Possum

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Leeds born 3 piece Possum consists of Adam Crockett (guitar/vocals), Reece Allen (bass) and Andrew Horn (drums). The band formed in 2015, with their musical style being described as colourful twiddly emo rock, whatever that means. With a new EP only a few months away and a double a-side single expected on the 30th of April, I catch up with the band and ask them a few questions about the past, the present and the future.

Tell us about yourselves, who and what is Possum?

Adam: We’re a 3 people band from Yorkshire, I play guitar and sorta sing.

Andy: I play drums… Sometimes in time.

Reece: I play bass but it’s kind of a guitar.

So considering your sound can be described as ‘colourful twiddly emo rock’ who are your main inspirations? and how do you emit such inspirations into your own sound if you do at all?

Andy: We started playing grunge with the use of reverby effects like in post rock, then we started to combine a emo/math feel. I also love reggae.

Adam: We’re all into a lot of different stuff, like i really like older 80’s music but i think we find a middle ground in emo and math rock bands from the 90’s to now.

Reece: Yeah we’re all big math and emo fans so it kind of felt natural that we’ve moved in that direction musically.

Taking into account such inspirations did it then take you guys long to find your own sound? Or did you know what sound you were going for from the start?

Adam: I think we’ve only really recently found our sound, our first ep was just songs we wrote to kill time while we were bored at college. It was a really fun and easy time don’t get me wrong, but when Reece joined the band in august i think we started actually thinking a lot more about what type band we wanted to be.

Reece: You’re fucking welcome.

I personally really like the song Okishima Island, what inspired that and how did it come to be?

Adam: Thanks man that’s the first song we ever wrote together! It came from again, me and Andy bored during college days. I bought a reverb pedal and we started jamming some post rock stuff and that’s what stuck.

Andy: Yeah its a fun one to play! The name came from a pretty interesting film called ‘Battle Royale’.

Hands down one of the best films I’ve ever watched that, knew i recognised the name from somewhere. Moving on though, tell us more about your upcoming ep ‘Wake Up Kid’ and what we can expect?

Andy: It has a much more energetic sound than the last ep. But still follows the post rock influence.

Adam: Yeah I think its more focused than our last release musically. Lyrically I’m definitely opening myself up a lot more and treating songs more like a diary. A lot of stuff changed for me in a very short amount of time, I moved away from my parents house in Leeds to Manchester for Uni and being caught in the awkward age of not being a kid anymore but not an adult either. Like weighing up the thoughts of missing your carefree life, doing nothing but hanging with your mates in a field booting footballs at each other and being naive to everything. Then realising you cant do that anymore, and maybe that’s a good thing because you can’t spend your life like that forever.

Yeah I know those feelings man, but until we can somehow fathom time travel, the only way is forward, well that’s the way I think of it anyway. Speaking of the future, what are your plans, do you have anything big lined up?

Andy: To bring possums the justice they deserve.

Adam: We’re setting up a weekender for the ep launch which’ll be sometime in June we’re guessing. Then we’re gonna release our dj side project PSM soundsystem.

I think I like PSM Orchestra better, in-jokes aside though and back to the questions, have you always wanted to be musicians? If so, when did your love for music bloom? and when did a career as musicians become a reality?

Adam: Started pretty late and started playing guitar around 14/15. I never really learnt how to play properly I just wanted to write songs, like I never bothered to learn scales at all. Then I joined a few bands and this one seems to have stayed longer than the rest.

Andy: I’ve been performing at festivals in a folk band since I was 15 so it was cool to play in a different style with Possum…It’s a shame we don’t play any reggae though.

Reece: I’ve been playing with a bunch of different bands for the last 6-7 years and as soon as I started I knew it was what I wanted to do.

Have you guys stepped into festival territory yet? Like I know you have Andy, but I mean as Possum? If not, would you like to play festivals?

Andy: I’ve played at many festivals but never with Possum.(apart from one my family organised which was a blast!) I’m excited to approach some with our new ep because I think it’s got the feel good vibe people are looking for at festivals.

Adam: Yeah like Andy said we’ve only really played one his family set up which was pretty awesome. I think we’d all like to play at Boomtown but i doubt we’d fit in much.

Reece: I’d love for Possum to hit up some festivals but i think with the new ep taking us so long to finish we may have to wait till next year.

It would certainly be a very odd booking for Boomtown, but you never know ey, hopefully we’ll get to see you guys on some festival line ups next year then! Finally, how did your gig in York go last night, good I hope? 

Adam: Was good man thanks! Its always fun to play in york there’s always a lot of drunkards.

Andy: Aye! we have some friends in York who always show enthusiasm for us which is really great.

That’s great to hear and it’s been a pleasure talking to you guys!

Okishima Island Video:

You can listen to Possums EP ‘Words and Sounds’ here:

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