CRAZER BEAM single premiere ‘Blue Lagoon’

“Four hairyboys with a big bastard noise” is CRAZER BEAM’s extremely accurate description of themselves, although I can personally only verify how hairy one of them is and shall leave you, the reader, wondering how one comes to be able to verify such a thing.

Back to the matter at hand though; Blue Lagoon is one smooth operator, so smooth I’ve formulated an image of the band giving it the hips while playing the little number, so needless to say I’ll be disappointed if I’m not graced with such a sight. I also found I got a very prominent Queens Of The Stone Age vibe whilst listening to it, which isn’t a bad thing at all, it get’s me rather excited to see if that’s the kind of route they will continue down or if it’s just chance it shines through in this particular song. But anyway, I’ll let you come to your own decision, though I’m sure the vivid picture I’ve painted of hip movement and hairiness will be present throughout.

Listen Here:

You can download the song for the price of nothing on their bandcamp:

CRAZER BEAM play Gullivers NQ in Manchester on the 27th of April, alongside Dolomite Minor and Broken Hands.

Get yourselves there for some sexy hip shaking:


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