Father John Misty – Real Love Baby – Track Review

Father John Misty’s been having quite a bit of harmless fun in the world of music and the media recently. He’s been in the headlines for his unvarnished responses in an interview with Mark Radcliffe on BBC 6 Music a week ago, and only a few days ago released his Lumineers-bashing, folk-rock mock song, the aptly-titled ‘PRIUS COMMERCIAL DEMO 1’.

“Real Love Baby” is the latest upload to his personal Soundcloud and has stated via his Twitter that the track will not feature on his follow up to 2015’s acclaimed ‘I Love You, Honeybear’, however the song could still be a possible insight into the sound of the new album or the direction that the album may be heading in. Acoustic guitars frolic around in the 60’s soul-esque groove laid down by the buoyant rhythm section as Father John Misty delivers his wonderfully soothing, sentimental vocals, abolishing any absurd claims that the man’s just a big grump in the process.”I want real love baby, there’s a world inside me” he yearns; it borders on the overly-saccharine at times, but the song bares a real charm that assures it’s own genuity.

“Why not.” were the two words he wrote that accompanied the track on it’s upload to Soundcloud, and, well, there’s no objections here. It may not be on the upcoming album, but the song’s a delightful glimpse into what’s next to come from Father John Misty.

Listen to the song below:




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