Are Liss The Future Of Pop Music?


The phrase ‘the future of’ is an idea that gets thrown about a lot when it comes to new music nowadays. Be it indie music or hip-hop, there always seems to be a constant stream of acts that get labelled as the future of their respective genre. However most of the time these artists never reach their once promised heights and are forgotten about when the next ‘the future of’ brigade rolls around.

Well here at The Black Wax, we’re going to use said cliché term and say that Liss are the future of pop music. But before we start, we’re not referring to pop as in you’ll see them in the Top 40 in the next couple of weeks. We’re grouping them in the side of pop where artists like Grimes reside. It’s the music we should be hearing when Marvin Humes introduces the Top 40 on Heart Radio, but sadly probably never will.

But first, who actually are Liss? Hailing from Denmark, Liss are signed to XL Recordings. Currently based in Aarhus, the four piece consists of Søren Holm (Vocalist), Vilhelm Strange (Guitarist), Villads Tyrrestrup (Bassist) and Tobias Laust (Drummer). Revealed in the NME, their parents raised them listening to Stevie Wonder, Björk, Hendrix and Massive Attack. These influences certainly feed into their music, with their first two released tracks Try and Always being packed with lavish instrumentation and production.

Liss themselves know they have something special about them. When performing live, they have an aura that you can’t help but feel and tap into. They play like a band that have been doing it for over 10 years, yet they’ve only been around since 2015. They’ve even got Jamie xx’s endorsement, who was recently spotted at one of their gigs in Copenhagen.

Since the release of their debut tracks, Liss have gone even further to bolster their pop prowess. This year they released their debut EP, titled First. Here they explored their sound even more, with the four track project outshining their already stunning material.

Single Sorry leads the EP, whilst follow up track Good Enough funks its way into your consciousness. Stand out track Miles Apart is easily one of this year’s best tracks and really shows how Liss can make a truly infectious pop hit. Finishing on Without Me, this slow jam ends the EP with stellar execution.

That fact of the matter is, there is nobody making pop music as good as Liss right now. So by the time the next batch of ‘the future of music’ comes around, Liss won’t have been forgotten about and no doubt will be even better than they are now.


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