Track Review: The Circus Villains – Party Fodder

Hot on the heels of making their continental gig debut in Germany last month, Darlingtonian indie-rock foursome The Circus Villains (comprised of guitarist/vocalists Matthew Fisher and Luke Taylor, bassist Daniel Skilbeck and drummer Bob Mackenzie) pop their musical cherry with Party Fodder, their first single release. Slightly more ominous than its moniker would suggest, this slice of mid-tempo surf rock draws inspiration from the cream of British alternative music, bringing to mind artists such as the Wytches and Humbug-era Arctic Monkeys. A bubbling bassline and considered drum rhythm underpin Turneresque riffs and Fisher’s confident vocal. The ‘get out, stay out’ hook seems to be a cheeky, clever crib from Bob Marley’s ‘Get Up, Stand Up’, subconsciously or not, and its straightforwardness ensures that it remains in one’s head long after the final reverb laced stabs of guitar fade out. With its solid bedrock of indie influences, one could imagine Party Fodder residing comfortably on an iPod classic a decade ago, or being blasted at one of those illicit, Facebook advertised house parties, in which thousands of pounds of damage were done to family heirlooms. With those heady days gone however, it is much more likely that this will become playlist fodder, the ideal tune for student pre-drinking or playing at a slightly unacceptable volume back at a gaff after a night on the razz.

Party Fodder is released on iTunes and Spotify on October 15th.


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