Album Review – The Lemon Twigs – Do Hollywood


Rating: 7.5/10

Considering they were former child actors, it doesn’t come as a surprise that Long Island brothers Brian and Michael D’Addario know a thing or two about taking inspiration from others and elsewhere in order to help establish themselves. “Do Hollywood”, the debut album from The Lemon Twigs, is a tour-de-force of influences, and pays homage to rock musicians of the ages. The D’Addario brothers seem to know how the recipe works though, and leave enough room in the mixing pot to add their own ingredients into the concoction.

The album’s opener, “I Wanna Prove To You”, with it’s 50’s American diner doo-wop bop and it’s Alex Chitlon, heart-on-the-sleeves style vocal delivery, is sure to have you donning the imaginary microphone and slicking back the hair. “These Words”, with its Elton John-esque carbaret piano interludes and its soaring chorus that would fit nice and comfortably onto an early 70’s Todd Rundgren record, or “As Long As We’re Together”, with it’s traces of MGMT, affirm that The Lemon Twigs are more than happy to wear their influences in plain sight, if it means they end up sounding just as good at times. The Lemon Twigs add just enough of their own individuality and style to make things exciting though, ensuring this isn’t just another horrible mish-mash of conflicting and confusing styles, a musical jerk-off, thrown together distastefully.

Jagged guitars and cyber synth leads inhabit “A Great Snake”; the last song on the album, and perhaps the most techinally impressive of the arrangements on the record, it leaves a far greater lasting impression than any of the previous songs, probably because it becomes the greatest insight into where the band could head next musically. With “Do Hollywood”, The Lemon Twigs have succesfully laid their cards out on the table, new and old. Just like a great snake, maybe one day we’ll see The Lemon Twigs fully shed their influences, and show us just what lies beneath the skin.


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