THE BLACK WAX : VOL. 1 (Curated by. Chris Herbert)

After taking a leisurely yet well deserved vacation from my services for The Black Wax, I felt compelled to mark my return with a few tracks I have been digging over the past few months. There are a variety of rumours surfacing online that I was fired by the boss of the company for my non- compliment attitude and overly expanse music knowledge however this simply remains a myth. I felt that I had to step back and do some soul searching before I could give any kind of worthwhile opinion on the current state of music, so here I am.

This 40 track genre spanning playlist plays host to some of my current favourite gem’s from up and coming artists such as Jorja Smith,  LA Priest, Tirzah, Jadu Heart, Tuff Love and Kagoule. It also features a collection of floor fillers from the likes of Zak Abel, Lil Uzi Vert and Kaytranda that are mandatory in reinstating my street rep and will have you dabbing til the AM. You will also be lending your ears to an array of stone cold classics that I feel deserve to remain dustless. I thoroughly hope you enjoy the songs I have selected. Live Fast, Die Whenever.
Image Credit: Meshes Of The Afternoon / Maya Deren (1943)

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