Stream new EP from DeLorean is Not Okay

The second release from Darlington-based DeLorean is Not Okay (Richy Huck) – an ‘experimental, progressive electronic’ act – is an ambitious homegrown attempt at electronic music that dances just as much with melancholy as it does with euphoria.

Full of intricately placed synth parts and vibrant, flourishing soundscapes, the EP’s instrumentals are laden with hope and and a youthfulness that look towards something more, even amidst the unsurity of adolescence. From the quick synth stabs and wailing sirens of “Monorail”, to the moving, elongated chords of closer “I Guess There Is Hope”, “DeLorean II” is a collection of songs that clearly wants to trace the trajectory of life, with all it’s ups and downs.

The EP is also an endearing homage in parts to his idols. A sample of Kanye West, speaking with his singular mindest on intro “II Noitcudortni”, is a little love letter to a creative source of inspiration for Delorean is Not Okay. Their’s also a heartfelt tribute to the enchantment and innovation of Walt Disney on “Liquid Screen 1955”.

Stream EP “DeLorean II” on DeLorean is Not Okay’s bandcamp below:

Also look out for the EP arriving on Spotify within the coming week.


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