Ice Cube vs Cypress Hill, What Was That About?

Above: Ice Cube and B-Real chillin with an AK, it must not of been a good day.



If you’re a fan of gangsta rap, you could probably already reel off what this was about. But for all those who don’t know prepare to be told a tale of betrayal and treachery…just kidding. Ice Cube literally just stole a chorus concept. That’s it you don’t even have to read on now, finito, fin, finished!

In all seriousness though, lets get into this shit.

The first question we ask when faced with the horrifying truth that Ice Cube could ever do such a thing, is did he really though? Is B-Real just being a little bitch? Is he lying? Did he make it up? Well that was more than one question, but there are so many questions!!?? There probably isn’t that many and you’re just probably sat there like c’mon man you said you was going to be serious now, quit it with your jokes. So now I shall.

So this is how it all started (what follows is from the point of view of B-Real), Ice Cube was making the film ‘Friday’, which B-Real was originally going to star in but he couldn’t due to Cypress Hill touring and preparing for their next album release. So instead he asked Cube if it would be cool if they made a song for the movie and naturally Cube agreed. Wait, let’s take a step back a second. I feel like you should know that Ice Cube and B-Real were good friends at this point and B-Real was even at Cube’s wedding etc, they were tight, so to speak. So anyway, Cypress Hill made the song ‘Roll it Up, Light it Up, Smoke it Up’ and invited Cube down to the studio to listen to it to see if he liked it, whilst Cube was at the studio B-Real asked if he wanted to hear a couple of tunes off their new album. So they played him 3 or 4 songs with the last one being ‘Throw Your Set In The Air’, apparently Cube really liked the song and asked if he could use that song in the movie, they told him that they really wanted to but they couldn’t due to Sony marking it as their lead single.

Not long after, Cypress Hill were on tour when B-Real got a phone call asking if they had given the ‘Throw Your Set In The Air’ song to Ice Cube, which they responded to confused as they hadn’t even released the song yet. Apparently it wasn’t the exact same song it was just the chorus concept that was exactly the same as theirs, but naturally it would appear that he stole it. Sen Dog and DJ Muggs were instantly on the radio throwing hate at Ice Cube, whereas B-Real being such a close friend to Ice Cube took a more neutral approach, assuming that Cube would of had a good explanation.

Not long after Ice Cube got wind of what Sen Dog and DJ Muggs had said about him he called up B-Real, to which B-Real explained that the guys think he stole their song, Cube denied stealing their song and said he would never do that and said that sometimes rappers just come up with similar hooks that’s all. B-Real wanted to believe him so took his word for it and that was that.

Then a few months later B-Real received another call from Cube, asking if he wanted to come and lay down some vocals on one of his tracks, which he agreed. Real got to the studio and realised some of the lyrics were the same as the ones from the song Cube had previously been accused of stealing . So he went outside to make a phone call to his manager and then came back in and asked if he could lay down the vocals again, telling them he thought he could do it better, but this time the lyrics were gone. Real has said that there must of been some sort of expression on his face when he realised that those were his lyrics, that Cube picked up on, so when he left to make the phone call Cube took them out. Real didn’t confront Cube in the studio, but instead decided that Cypress Hill would have to call Ice Cube out. So they layed down the dis track ‘No Rest For The Wicked’.

This then started a chain of dis tracks, with Ice Cube releasing a track with his group Westside Connection named ‘King Of The Hill’.

Next Cypress Hill hit back with a song named ‘Ice Cube Killa’, taking the beat straight from ‘King Of The Hill’.

Ice Cube’s input on the beef has just been that ‘Cypress Hill think I stole one of their hooks’. He hasn’t really elaborated too much, but to be fair B-Real and Ice Cube have since squashed their beef and are friends again.

Who won?

I’d like to say it was a Tie.